Pietra & Co., 2011 Sirmione (Brescia)

Carla Volpati was born in Como in 1954. Graduated in foreign languages and literature, she worked as collaborator and publishing consultant for cultural magazines and publications. At the end of the 1990s she began to move along a creative path which soon became a permanent engagement. Her early works are characterized by the use of natural elements (small stones, pebbles) placed in sequence upon funds of soft and rarefied colors, and surrounded by 'shadows' deliberately conceived as an integral part of the work. During the subsequent years, the early compositional rigor is replaced by the use of new shapes, as well as the sharp intervention of the background colour and the painting which is at first uniform and then vibrant due to several chromatic passages. Consistently, the range of elements used become larger: not only natural materials, but also artificial ones that get mixed with textiles, ribbons and buttons, while shadow are centred only on some details. In 2010 she produces a series of works named Made in Italy, stimulated by the discovery in an abandoned factory of tiles fragments marked with the well-known English tag designating the Italian products. In these works, fragments are weaved with objects belonging to her personal life: small memories which are tied to stones and rocks, the latter being the depositaries of a more ancient memory. In following two years, she works on the series named In fila per sette [Seven in a row], concerning visual notes of facts and emotions, and on Puppets, small creatures that live in the imaginary place situated between fairy tale and dream. From 2013, with the series entitled Inaboxes she works on the concept of the box as a container of reminiscences and impressions. In 2015, she is hosted in Vietnam as a guest artist in residence, where she realized Inaboxes using materials carried from Italy and found locally.


Carla Volpati
curated by Paola Tognon
Adriano Parise Editore 2009

catalogo In due
In due
Carla Volpati e Renzo Nucara
curated by Simona Bartolena
Heart 2013
Good Morning, Vietnam.
curated by Simona Bartolena

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